About Mars


Hello! I'm Mars / Kasei Cosplay, a cosplayer from New Jersey. I have been cosplaying in the US (and occasionally Japan) for over 15 years and do work as a cosplay photographer.  I love seeing people express their appreciation and fondness for anime through costuming!

I have organized dozens of cosplay gatherings, various anime and cosplay-related panels/lectures (in and out of cons), volunteered at conventions for a number of years, and won several awards for cosplay craftsmanship. I particularly enjoy researching fandom history.

Most of my costumes are handmade and I compete at the master's level in cosplay competitions. My strongest suits are sewing, embellishing, wig styling, and pattern drafting, but I aim to continue improving as much as possible.

I have contributed to a number of physical and digitally published fanzines, most commonly as a cosplayer or chef. I studied abroad in Tokyo during university and later attended graduate school in Japan, am certified in business-level Japanese, and am currently a Japanese tutor for other cosplayers.

Want to get in touch? Chat about the weather? Contact me here, through social media (links above and at the bottom of this page), or at KaseiCosplayPhotography@gmail.com. Additionally, I'm most active on Instagram.

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Various Costume Examples

Magazine & Fanzine Experience



Anime Convention Panels

Otaku History and Trivia panels

Hosting the Common Cosplay Mistakes panel with a broken foot

Name That Tune Competition

Chocolate-Lemon Pie

Craft Samples

Beef Soboro Charaben

Blake Belladonna (RWBY)

Angol Mois

(Sgt. Frog)


(Fire Emblem Three Houses)

Ortho Shroud

(Twisted Wonderland)